About Us

Welcome to Joetoproathlete.com.  I believe that anyone can be an athlete.  It doesn’t take talent to train your butt off and build a body capable of amazing things.  So, along with a small group of friends, I’ve been searching the globe for the world’s best coaches, trainers, and athletes.  I’m on a mission to bring you the best the world has to offer.  I’m using what I learn to train locally in Nampa, Idaho, with a small group of private clients and professional athletes.  Space on my training roster is extremely limited, but you can follow along here online to get the same training as the pros.

It doesn’t matter if you want to run a marathon, be the next Lebron James, or just look and feel your best.  Training like an athlete, and following along at Joetoproathlete.com can help you achieve your goals and the build body of your dreams.

Success Stories:

Gabriel Miranda – Professional MMA Athlete and title winner

Talon Hofman

Talon Hofman – Professional MMA athlete and title winner

Austin Glenn – MMA athlete.  RIP

Michael Garcia – Professional MMA Athlete

Doug Collins – Professional MMA Athlete



EJ Miranda- Amateur Strongman title winner and Jiu Jitsu title winner

Josh Hernandez- Professional boxer and MMA coach

Jared Craine- Amateur MMA Athlete

Mountain View High School Softball 2011-12

Tracey Stone – Amateur Distance Runner