Archive Update: Bryce Saddoris at World Championships for team USA

Some of you might remember an article that I posted this spring on Bryce Saddoris.  Bryce was a two time All-American wrestler at the US Naval Academy, and won a Division One national championship there.  He currently wrestles for the US Marine Corps and has been bumped up to #1 on the US Olympic ladder.  This week, Saddoris is representing the US in the Greco-Roman World Championships in Uzbekistan.

A few months ago we sat down to chat about strength and conditioning.  Check out one of Bryce’s workouts in the article linked above!

Bryce was cool enough to rep at the World Championships!  Bryce is rocking a prototype of our first JTP “Athlete” T-shirts.  A limited run of this same shirt will be available in the online store next week!


Best of luck to Bryce and Team USA!