Are Carbs Making Me Fat?

There’s a ton of conflicting information out there on nutrition.  Some people are raw food advocates or vegetarians, while others eat meat.  Some avoid foods high in fat, and some steer clear of carbohydrates instead.  The carb debate is one of the most heated discussions out there.  So, who’s right?

I preach a modified version of the Paleo diet.  That basically means “eating like a cave man”.  If it came from nature, and it was available 10,000 years ago, you can probably eat it.  Always avoid processed foods and chemical additives as much as possible.  Along the way, it’s important to monitor your carbohydrate intake.  Early man, before agriculture, did not have access to carbohydrate rich foods all year round.  There was no Walmart to buy a loaf of bread. He would have had some fruits, vegetables, and legumes in the summer months; but would have survived almost entirely on animal proteins and fat for the winter.

Over the centuries, many humans have become much more carb tolerant.  Lots of people, especially very active athletes, can consume lots of natural carbs with no ill-effects.  Others will get fat very quickly from consuming almost any amount of carbohydrates.  So, it’s important to figure out where you fit in.  One easy way to do that is with a “carb tolerance” test pioneered by legendary strength coach Charles Poliquin:  Just wake up and eat a breakfast entirely from carbohydrates.  About 40 minutes later, take notes on how you feel.  –Are you still full of energy?  Your body is carb tolerant, and you can include more (NATURAL and UNPROCESSED) carbohydrates in your diet.  –Or are you feeling lethargic after 40 minutes?  Your body has a more difficult time processing carbohydrates.  It’s a good idea for you to go very low carb in your meal planning.