Training Inspiration

Sometimes we over-complicate things.  We get caught up with the latest supplements.  We want to try so many new training techniques that we hop from program to program, and never stick with one plan long enough to get quality results.  Or, we think we’re smart enough to make up our own “new program” by adding elements of three proven plans together.

In many cases, it works best to stick best with what’s proven to work best.  Period.  Don’t get too fancy.  You’re not in the gym to impress anyone with how advanced your training program is, are you?  You’re there to get results.

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Unrolling Fly

This Fly variation will open and build your chest while having the added benefit of increasing shoulder flexibility and overall functioning.

With Online Personal Training from you’ll learn how to fit this move into a complete training program.  You’ll also get live 1-on-1 support from your coach, and everything you need to train like a pro!