Elite MMA Strength and Conditioning: Expert Guest Brandon Shuey

This week we’re in Boise Idaho, highlighting another elite gym.  Hardcore Fitness Training Center is a fully equipped functional fitness facility.  The team here is big on group training for functional strength and conditioning with a special focus on core strength.  They also provide personal training for any goal, and Olympic Weightlifting classes; but the roots of this Hardcore gym are firmly planted in the world of MMA.  Owner Brandon Shuey says that’s what sets his facility apart from the rest.  “Even though we’re a true sports performance gym, you won’t find a bunch of arrogant meat heads here.  We promote a traditional martial arts atmosphere of respect and humility.  So everyone is welcome.  It doesn’t matter if you want to be a professional mixed martial artist (we do have a full team of active fighters), train for a high school sport, or just drop some extra pounds before your high school reunion.  We’re here to help.”

Shuey runs the gym along with his brother Jason, and he is also the head MMA coach for Team Hardcore Idaho.  Brandon is a 3 x world champion mixed martial artist, and a veteran of the StrikeForce promotion.  With a lifetime of martial arts experience, he has earned black belts in 6 different martial arts.  Along the way, he has trained and trained with some of the top fighters in the world.  The Hardcore camp has produced UFC athletes like Justin Eilers, Mike Kyle, and Patrick Smith.  You can catch one of their up and coming stars, Colton Vaughn, in a televised bout for the RFA, this November 7th on AXE TV.

The Shuey brothers take top notch training seriously.  Only the most experienced and educated coaches come through their doors.  Jason, not to be out done by his brother, is contracted by the city Fire Department to teach functional fitness to its firefighters.  He has also added to the team by hiring JoeToPro coach Chad Garno, CSCS; and allowing me gym access to train and run some functional fitness classes.

For the next few weeks, Brandon Shuey will be our guest expert as we highlight some of the drills HFTC uses to produce some of the best conditioned fighters in the game.  Whether you want to become a world champion, or just add some variety to your current fitness routine with fight style cardio, these exercise demo videos are a great place to start.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Boise, Idaho, this is definitely a world class gym that’s worth looking into.  Just remember to leave your excuses at the door.  The Shuey Motto: “You can have results or excuses; not both.”

If you can’t make it into the gym, learn how these drills fit into a complete training program by getting started with Online Personal Training today.  A JoeToPro coach will design custom training programs for you each month.  Plus, you’ll get all the live 1-on-1 support you’ll need to follow through and reach your goals.  You can do it.  We can help.

HFTC Star Colton Vaughn

HFTC Star Colton Vaughn