Great Gym Experiences: Performance Inc.

Gym Experience #1- Performance Inc.

I’m searching the world for the best methods of developing strength, speed, and athleticism.  As I follow this path, I’ve been led to travel in search of the smartest and most successful strength coaches and athletes to learn from.  Now, I’m travelling the country, and the world, in search of the best and brightest.

After a few years of working as a personal trainer, I spent my early years as a strength coach at a facility called Performance Inc.  There, I began to learn from PICP Level 3 National Strength and Conditioning Specialist John Carlo.  Coach Carlo began his career as a professional bodybuilder, and soon implemented more functional training into his repertoire.  He studied under world famous strength coach, Charles Poliquin, eventually gaining enough experience to open his own gym.  Since then, he’s coached many athletes in a variety of sports, but has become especially knowledgeable at training for Judo, Hockey, and injury rehab.

In two years at Performance Inc., I tried to do a lot of listening.  The techniques and experience I gathered there will stay with me for my whole career in athletics.  This is a short synopsis of the most important things I learned at Performance Inc.:

  1. The importance of structural balance.  Coach Carlo has a special talent for developing structurally balanced athletes.  Without any weaknesses, abnormal tightness, or major imbalances to hold them back; athletes are free to make their greatest progress.  They can get stronger, faster, and avoid more injuries.  Don’t ignore structural balance.
  2. The importance of planning tempos.  Programming tempos within a workout can be a powerful way to manipulate the desired result of that training.  Slower tempos affect Growth Hormone response and are most effective for body composition training.  Faster ballistic tempos are important for building speed and explosiveness.  The most important thing about tempos?  Vary your tempos regularly for the best results.  Never get stuck thinking that any one tempo is the “way to go”.
  3. Developing grip strength is essential for maximizing total body strength.  There’s a lot going on here.  For starters, we are only as “functionally” strong as our weakest link.  Don’t let grip be your weak link, because you can only move things that you can hold onto and control.  An added bonus?  Squeezing hard and developing grip strength during regular training will fire more motor units in ALL the muscles involved in that exercise.  The result is greater overall strength.
  4. Learn from the best.  Coach Carlo made a habit of regularly attending seminars at the Poliquin Group, or anywhere else that he could learn from world class strength and conditioning professionals.  This inspired me to do the same.  Now, you’ll benefit as I visit the top gyms across the country, and record my results and experiences in this blog.

Check out Performance Inc.  This is one of the North West’s nicest facilities, featuring high quality equipment, and all the specialty training toys you could imagine a top end strength coach should have.  That, plus a coach who has coached multiple professional athletes and takes the time to continue learning from the best.  Level III National Strength and Conditioning Specialisp PICP John Carlo has also eased joint and back pain for countless clients using progressive structural balance training and a safe approach to core stability.