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The JTP Creation Story

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO FIRST for the message that I’m here to share with the world.

Then remember this:

I love my job.  Being a strength coach/personal trainer, working with athletes, and continuing to participate in sports as an adult is a dream come true.  Waking up to live this life every day is so exciting!  It’s even cooler because it’s extremely fulfilling to help others achieve their goals.  I love every minute of every day.

Though this path was a calling my whole life, I took a couple of years away from athletics after college.  I actually owned/operated a nightclub for a time.  That’s when some serious soul searching led me to dedicating my life to being a sports performance coach.  Though I could have made great money and had a “fun” life as a club owner, I wasn’t satisfied with my life’s work being a booze pusher.  I wanted to make a serious and positive impact on the world (but you knew that, because you watched the video first, right?!  Seriously, watch that before you keep reading).

So where am I going with this rant?

I try super hard to be a positive role model for those around me.  I try to speak positively, act positively, and share a positive message.  Choosing a positive lifestyle, focused on helping others, is truly what gave me peace and happiness in my life.  I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT.  If I can spread that message and affect just one person to make the same choices, my life has all been worth it.

… But sometimes it’s awkward for me to post “positive” and “uplifting” messages every day as part of my business.  It can sometimes feel funny to give advice so publicly that I can’t follow privately 100% of the time.  I don’t want it to seem like I’m putting myself on a pedestal.

Don’t get me wrong!!!!  I think I’m doing OK.  I’m extremely blessed to be in a position to share my joy with others.  I do believe and live out the things I say, and “practice what I preach”; but no one is perfect.  We’re in this together.  Every time I make a post giving positive advice, remember that I’m working just as hard to follow that advice as anyone else.  We are the same and I don’t want anyone to think I’m claiming differently.

I do know this: if we can walk it out in faith, we will get wherever we want to go.

Andy Mineo summed up my thoughts with much prettier words in his song “Superhuman”-

“…I’m just a product of grace and guess what?

I’m still in the process, there’s unfinished business.

Would you love me if I told you I couldn’t fly?

I got no cape on and no mask on there’s no disguise,

Oh I’m no hero

There’s only one…”