Squat. More.

No matter who you are, chances are you should be squatting.  If you already squat, there’s a good chance you should be squatting more.  This classic, multi-joint exercise is as versatile and effective as any other move your gym has to offer.  Athletes, weight loss exercisers, women, and anyone who sets foot in the gym (with the exception of a few, with certain serious injuries) should all squat.  Here are just a few of the biggest reasons:

1) Be time efficient.  This multi-joint exercise challenges lots of different muscles throughout the body.  So, tons of energy is expended with each squat.  Weight loss exercisers will benefit from a significant calorie burn.  Athletes and those looking to build strength, will experience an extremely efficient movement for building power in their legs, and their body’s entire core.

2) Prevent injuries.  By training the muscles around our joints to be strong and balanced correctly, we can avoid injuries to the joints themselves.  A person who squats regularly, and correctly, will begin to injury proof his/her lower body.  Strong quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves prevent knee injuries.  Strong calves, tibialis, and proper ankle flexibility prevent ankle sprains… and so on.

3) Booty.  Everyone wants their butt to look good.  You macho guys at home can laugh, but you’re no different.  A muscular butt and defined legs go a long way towards making a person’s body attractive.  Squats will build and tone your butt, thighs, and calves.  They will also improve circulation, which can help eliminate cellulite in women!

4) Improve performance.  It should go without saying, at this point, that squats will make your legs stronger.  So, let’s remember that stronger, more powerful legs, will allow me to perform at a higher level in my chosen sport or activity.  If I squat, I will run faster, jump higher, and hit harder.  I’ll also walk upstairs with less effort, mow the lawn more easily, and have the strength to move that old television set all by myself.

5) Core strength.  Squatting will force you to engage your abdominal muscles and spinal stabilizers (in your  back) more intensely than most “core” specific exercises.  If you want a truly strong core, and maybe even a six pack, start with squats.  Crunches won’t get it done.

So, what are you waiting for?  Squat.