Strongman Training: With Expert Guest Nate Tuttle

Have you ever seen a strongman competition, on television?  If so, you’ve probably watched in awe as monstrous men performed amazing feats of strength.  They pull trucks, lift huge logs, toss kegs, and generally carry or throw anything they can get their hands on.

It looks like fun, huh?  Did you know that anyone can train like that?  In fact, strongman training (or modified strongman training) makes a great addition to almost any training program.  It has caught on, especially with athletes, because handling the oddly shaped implements used in strongman training has been shown to have a greater carry-over to functional strength than training with barbells/dumbbells alone.

If your goal is losing weight, strongman training can help you too.  The intensity of this type of training has a huge metabolic effect on the body.  For fat loss, the best events are those that challenge your strength for an extended period of time.  For example, rather than flipping a tire once, a strongman trainee might flip that tire as many times as it takes to cover a given distance, as fast as possible.  When this type of effort is sustained for a minute or more, you’ll release lots of growth hormone and produce awesome changes in body composition.

No matter what your goals, strongman training has one more benefit that’s hard to ignore:  it’s fun!  Everyone needs some variety in their training to avoid getting bored and hitting plateaus.  Next time you need a change of pace, why not put the barbell down and try your hand at strongman training?

Are you ready to give it a try?  I’ll show you how.  I’m going to spend the next few weeks with strongman expert Nate Tuttle, and we’ll bring you a series of strongman training exercise demo videos.  You’ll learn how to safely perform a variety of movements that you can use to get freaky strong, burn fat, improve sports performance, or just add some variety to your training.  Nate is just the guy to learn from too.  With a BS in Exercise Science, Tuttle is the owner of Gym State Strength and Conditioning (’s gym of the month for April 2014), a hardcore training facility that has all the strongman toys a guy OR GIRL could ask for.  He has also competed in multiple strongman and powerlifting competitions.  This is one bad dude.

After a few weeks of learning from Nate, you’ll be ready to try your hand at this unique style of training.  You really don’t need as much specialty equipment as you’d think, either.  The beautiful thing about strongman training is that you can improvise.  Use whatever you have available.  You can push a purpose built sled, or push your car through the gym parking lot.  Of course, that’s just one example.  The possibilities are endless.

You’ll have to follow along the next couple of weeks for all the details, but here’s a sample modified strongman training session:

Event Reps Sets Rest
Log Press 5 5 60 sec.
Farmer Carry 25 yards 5 60 sec.
Sled Drag (50 ft. rope) 50 ft. 5 60 sec.
Sled/Truck Push 25 yards 5 60 sec.

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Nate Tuttle:  Strongman Expert

Nate Tuttle: Strongman Expert