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Core Strength with Dr. Ed Race

Popular exercise culture has left lots of people believing that 1000’s of crunches are the secret to a strong core.  The truth is, your abs are just a small part of your body’s “core”.  Learn about all of the other muscles and how to prioritize your training with Dr. Ed Race and joetoproathlete.com online personal training.


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Posture for lifting and life

Using correct posture to lift can help avoid neck and back injuries.  The proper posture will also align your body correctly for maximum effort, and you’ll be able to lift more weight!

To learn more about proper lifting posture, and to get your own custom training programs, Become A Member today.  With online personal training from JTP you’ll get a detailed road map to your goals, plus live 1-on-1 support from industry leading professionals to help you see them through!