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Shane Carwin’s Secret Core Activation Program

Last weekend, I learned this series for core activation and hip functionality from world class strength coach, Loren Landow.  Loren has coached countless NFL and UFC standouts, including retired superstar Shane Carwin.

Carwin told me that THIS short core activation series, which Landow uses as part of his general warm-up, made a bigger difference in his game than any other exercise.  Try it for yourself.


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Core Strength with Dr. Ed Race

Popular exercise culture has left lots of people believing that 1000’s of crunches are the secret to a strong core.  The truth is, your abs are just a small part of your body’s “core”.  Learn about all of the other muscles and how to prioritize your training with Dr. Ed Race and joetoproathlete.com online personal training.


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Full Contact Twists

Full contact twists are great for learning to transfer power created by leg drive through a stiff core, and use it in your upper body.  Punch harder, throw faster, swing a bat or a golf club more powerfully.  Tie it all together here.

To learn how full contact twists fit into a complete training program, and for a custom plan of your own, Become A Member today.  Online personal training at joetoproathlete.com will give you the edge you need.  Get live 1-on-1 attention from industry elite coaches and take your training to a new level today.