Warming Up Correctly

The Importance of a Dynamic Warm-up:

Warming up is a part of every training session and every athletic event.  Sometimes, because we do it so much, we forget how important it is.  Warming up properly can help prevent injury, improve balance and posture, and help you train more intensely.

A Good Warm-up can be your security blanket.  Work hard enough to break a sweat and spend this 10-20 minutes forgetting about the stresses of the outside world.  You’re here to train now.  Get in a training “zone” mentally while you warm up.

The best way to prepare for exercise is with a dynamic warm-up, instead of static stretching.  You’ll raise your body’s temperature, and get your muscles ready for the more intense work to come.  These dynamic warm-up movements also give you a great opportunity to work on balance, posture, and even lower body structural balance.

A dynamic warm-up will fire your nervous system up, too.  This gets your brain and muscles working together and firing properly before you start training hard for the day.

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