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Backwards Burpees for MMA: Expert Guest Brandon Shuey

We’re back again with 3 x World Champion mixed martial artist Brandon Shuey.  Brandon uses lots of burpees to condition his fighters and personal training clients at HFTC- Hardcore Fitness Training Center, in Boise Idaho.  Today, he’s going to discuss proper burpee execution and show us one of the variations he uses to build crazy cardio and functional fitness.

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Elite MMA Strength and Conditioning: Expert Guest Brandon Shuey

This week we’re in Boise Idaho, highlighting another elite gym.  Hardcore Fitness Training Center is a fully equipped functional fitness facility.  The team here is big on group training for functional strength and conditioning with a special focus on core strength.  They also provide personal training for any goal, and Olympic Weightlifting classes; but the roots of this Hardcore gym are firmly planted in the world of MMA.  Owner Brandon Shuey says that’s what sets his facility apart from the rest.  “Even though we’re a true sports performance gym, you won’t find a bunch of arrogant meat heads here.  We promote a traditional martial arts atmosphere of respect and humility.  So everyone is welcome.  It doesn’t matter if you want to be a professional mixed martial artist (we do have a full team of active fighters), train for a high school sport, or just drop some extra pounds before your high school reunion.  We’re here to help.”

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Strongman Training: With Expert Guest Nate Tuttle

Have you ever seen a strongman competition, on television?  If so, you’ve probably watched in awe as monstrous men performed amazing feats of strength.  They pull trucks, lift huge logs, toss kegs, and generally carry or throw anything they can get their hands on.

It looks like fun, huh?  Did you know that anyone can train like that?  In fact, strongman training (or modified strongman training) makes a great addition to almost any training program.  It has caught on, especially with athletes, because handling the oddly shaped implements used in strongman training has been shown to have a greater carry-over to functional strength than training with barbells/dumbbells alone.

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Is Jogging Bad?

It seems to me that jogging is nothing more than running slowly.  How is it that such a simple thing has become the topic of so much debate in the worlds of fitness and sports?  Some coaches and trainers would have you believe that running a mile or more is sacrilegious.  They’d tell you that running will make you fat and slow.  Others swear by long runs as the only way to get in “cardio” shape.  So who’s right?

First, let’s talk anti-jogging.  It’s true that jogging isn’t a very effective method for fat loss.  Actually, running long distances trains your body to store calories as efficiently as possible!  Over the long haul, daily runs can also condition your body to burn muscle more readily than fat for energy during exercise.  Distance running can contribute to loads of over-use injuries in the lower body, cause oxidative stress, hinder the development of proper spring mechanics, and more.

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Shaky Knees? Reverse Sled Pull for VMO

The Vastus Medialus Oblique is a long muscle that assists with knee stability.  Do you have shaky knees when you squat?  Try this movement!

*VMO development is also an important part of lower body structural balance.  This is one in a long series of “how to” videos to accompany my post on STRUCTURAL BALANCE –  Check it out.


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