Great Gym Experiences: Performance Inc.

Gym Experience #1- Performance Inc.

I’m searching the world for the best methods of developing strength, speed, and athleticism.  As I follow this path, I’ve been led to travel in search of the smartest and most successful strength coaches and athletes to learn from.  Now, I’m travelling the country, and the world, in search of the best and brightest.

After a few years of working as a personal trainer, I spent my early years as a strength coach at a facility called Performance Inc.  There, I began to learn from PICP Level 3 National Strength and Conditioning Specialist John Carlo.  Coach Carlo began his career as a professional bodybuilder, and soon implemented more functional training into his repertoire.  He studied under world famous strength coach, Charles Poliquin, eventually gaining enough experience to open his own gym.  Since then, he’s coached many athletes in a variety of sports, but has become especially knowledgeable at training for Judo, Hockey, and injury rehab.

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