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Sticking Points- Stuck at the bottom?

If you want to squat to full depth, and you’ve been having trouble getting yourself moving out of that “hole” at the bottom of the squat, this is the video for you.  Master this one simple trick for a stronger deep squat.

Squatting past 90* at the knees, and to full depth is always my preference.  It allows you to build more overall power, preserves or improves mobility, and there’s less torque on your knees than when changing directions at 90*.  If you want to perform the Olympic lifts, you’ll also need the necessary mobility for deep squatting.  Plus, when you train your full range of motion, you’ll be able to access strength from any position when you need it in the real world.


5 Ways to Get Better with Age

If you’ve spent any significant amount of time in the gym, chances are you’ve heard those guys in the locker room talk about how strong they were “back in the day”.  Or, you’ve listened to that girl tell you about how fit and smoking hot her body “used to be”.  Why is it that in a gym full of people, who are currently working hard, no one is in the best shape of their lives? Read More

Squat. More.

No matter who you are, chances are you should be squatting.  If you already squat, there’s a good chance you should be squatting more.  This classic, multi-joint exercise is as versatile and effective as any other move your gym has to offer.  Athletes, weight loss exercisers, women, and anyone who sets foot in the gym (with the exception of a few, with certain serious injuries) should all squat.  Here are just a few of the biggest reasons: Read More

3 Tips for a Clean and Jerk PR

The Clean and Jerk is one of the most effective exercises the weightroom can offer.   If you master proper form and program for it correctly, the Clean and Jerk can help you build strength, speed, power, kinesthetic awareness, and body coordination/control. However, Olympic movements like the Clean and Jerk are complex and intense. Many people are using them incorrectly; resulting in sub-par results or injury. Here are 3 tips to make your Clean and Jerk count: Read More

Weekly Inspiration

Two heads are better than one.  It’s not even close, either.  Somehow, when like-thinking minds join together, their power is magnified exponentially.  Something special happens when people are united for a common purpose.  Many successful businesses are created and run by groups like this.  We call them Mastermind Groups.  Even Congress is, for all intents and purposes, a Mastermind Group in government.

If you have a goal, one of the best things you can do is put your head together with a group of people who can help.  Find people who have already achieved what you seek, as well as others seeking it along with you.  Discuss your goals regularly.  Ask questions.  Listen to feedback from multiple sources.   Read More

Weekly Inspiration

Just don’t give up.  It’s such a simple concept, but sometimes it can be so hard.  Thomas Edison, responsible for the quote above, is the perfect person to take that advice from.  When 10,000 of his attempts at creating the incandescent light bulb were unsuccessful, members of the press asked Edison how it felt to fail.  He replied that he had not failed, but only found 10,000 ways that wouldn’t work; ultimately on his way to success.

Have you tried getting in shape before, and failed?  Do you have fitness goals that seem unachievable?  Just don’t give up.

Girls Don’t Know Squat: Female Fitness Myths Busted


  • False: Lifting heavy weights will make me bulky.

The Truth: If you’re a woman, you probably don’t have hormones at the proper levels or at the right ratios to support massive muscle gain. Even men, with much higher levels of natural testosterone, often struggle to gain muscle mass. They’ll shovel thousands of extra calories into their mouths daily, lift weights religiously, and take a half dozen supplements, all to gain 5 or 10 lbs. of muscle (considered awesome progress!).  The small amount of muscle a female might gain from weight training usually serves only to raise her metabolic rate (aiding in future fat loss) and to give her that “toned” look every woman asks her trainer about. Read More

Resistance Training: How young is too young? Ask the NSCA

Almost every week, some parent asks me, “At what age can my young athlete start a strength and conditioning program?”

They almost always have concerns about stunting the kid’s growth or getting him/her injured during training. Outdated and largely unfounded ideas about youth training are causing many children and adolescents to miss out on the numerous benefits of a well-designed strength and conditioning program. Read More

Weekly Inspiration

Vince Lombardi was one of the greatest winners of all time.  His words of wisdom, which were often centered around football, apply in all areas of life.  That’s what’s so great about sports and fitness; we build character and life skills on the practice field and in the weight room that will later become professional and personal tools for success.

Set a fitness or sports performance goal today.  Don’t give up until you’ve achieved it.  Listen to Vince. Read More

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Knee health: with Dr. Ed Race

Strong, stable knees are important in sports and every day life.  Check out this quick video to learn about common issues and self-assessment.  In our next videos, we’ll be covering some more exercises to strengthen the supporting muscles around the knee joint.  Since it’s winter, we’ll also talk about how some of these knee injuries relate to snow sports like skiing and snowboarding.   Read More

4 Pillars of Speed with 3 x Olympian Abderaman Brahim

Today, I got a serious lesson in speed. I got to spend the day at Savannah State University with Abderaman Brahim; a 3 time track and field Olympian in the 100 meters and long jump. Brahim first came to America from the African nation of Chad at age 16 to pursue an international Olympic scholarship. He’s been burning up the track ever since, and after his competitive career was over he became one of the top track coaches in his area. He’s USATF certified and a member of the IFTA of America.

I asked Brahim to give me his best crash course on sprinting. We covered specific dynamic warm-ups, sprint mechanics, specialty training equipment, and talked a lot about his philosophies for speed development. The drills we went over will make you faster and more effective in any sport, and I’ll be featuring some demo. videos to go over specific techniques you can use to gain that extra step later this week. In the meantime, here are coach Brahim’s four pillars of speed development: Read More

Weekly Inspiration: Goal Setting

Goal setting is step #1 in accomplishing most things. How can you reach your destination if you don’t know where you want to go? Let’s all use the last few days of 2014 to reflect on our successes and failures of the past year. Give yourself credit for your accomplishments, but don’t condemn yourself for the areas in which you’ve fallen short. Resolve to do even better in 2015. Read More

3 Reasons to Throw Your Bosu Ball Away!

Bosu balls, inflatable discs for under your feet, and other stability trainers have been marketed as tools for building balance, core strength, and thus increasing overall power and athletic performance. These claims are based upon several theories; each of which is bunk. If you’re an athlete looking to improve core strength and power, you should stick with free weights on a stable surface. Keep reading to find out why… Read More

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Full Contact Twists

Full contact twists are great for learning to transfer power created by leg drive through a stiff core, and use it in your upper body.  Punch harder, throw faster, swing a bat or a golf club more powerfully.  Tie it all together here.

To learn how full contact twists fit into a complete training program, and for a custom plan of your own, Become A Member today.  Online personal training at joetoproathlete.com will give you the edge you need.  Get live 1-on-1 attention from industry elite coaches and take your training to a new level today.




Weekly Inspiration

I had read and heard this saying before, but the first time I really READ it was on the wall of a gym in Savannah, GA.  D-1 Sports Training’s Savannah location is co-owned by Tim Tebow and Herschel Walker; two of my all-time favorite athletes.  These two men have been so successful and inspired millions for a reason.  A huge mural in their gym blasted this quote and a message of accountability. Read More

Weekly Inspiration

Fact: You’ll never say “I can’t” about something you truly want.

If you’ve been putting off your fitness goals, because you’re afraid you’ll fail, stop now.  Online Personal Training at joetoproathlete.com is the “way” you’ve been looking for.  We’ll build a custom training program to help you achieve your goals.  Stop making excuses, and let’s work together to make some progress.

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Sprinter Step-ups

Sprinter step-ups are great for starting speed in any sport.  They’re also killer as a way to train for climbing hills and mountains, if you like to hunt or camp/hike.

To learn how step-ups fit into a complete training program, and for your own custom plan from an industry elite coach, Become A Member today.  With online personal training from joetoproathlete.com you’ll get access to the same industry leading trainers used by professional athletes.  Get the edge here.


Train to Hunt: with Expert Guest Zach Owens

Hunting has been around for as long as life itself.  Over the centuries, though, we’ve gained simpler and simpler access to food, without stalking our own wild game.  With grocery stores and quickie marts lining our streets, some do still hunt for food; but the majority of hunters view the pastime as a sport or hobby. Read More

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Posture for lifting and life

Using correct posture to lift can help avoid neck and back injuries.  The proper posture will also align your body correctly for maximum effort, and you’ll be able to lift more weight!

To learn more about proper lifting posture, and to get your own custom training programs, Become A Member today.  With online personal training from JTP you’ll get a detailed road map to your goals, plus live 1-on-1 support from industry leading professionals to help you see them through!


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Backwards Burpees for MMA: Expert Guest Brandon Shuey

We’re back again with 3 x World Champion mixed martial artist Brandon Shuey.  Brandon uses lots of burpees to condition his fighters and personal training clients at HFTC- Hardcore Fitness Training Center, in Boise Idaho.  Today, he’s going to discuss proper burpee execution and show us one of the variations he uses to build crazy cardio and functional fitness.

Read More

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Boxing Cardio: 30/30’s with Johnny Perez

Looking to add some boxing style cardio to your functional fitness routine?  Here’s a drill that’s great for general fitness, or to get you in top fight shape!

To learn how 30/30’s would fit into a complete training program, and to get your own custom programs from the industry’s top strength coaches, Become A Member today.  Online personal training at JTP will give you all the tools you need to train like a pro.  Plus, you’ll get live 1-on-1 support to help make it all happen!

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Neck Strength; Prison Yard Style

A stronger neck will make you a tougher athlete.  You’ll be able to absorb impact more easily, making you harder to knock out,  more difficult to choke out, and less prone to concussions.  Try this simple prison yard style neck strength circuit.  It’s very similar to what the military uses in boot camp to prepare their soldiers for contact in combat.

Read More