USAW Level 2

Continuing education is part of the JTP mission to be the best, and to bring you the best service.  Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to earn a new credential from USA Weightlifting; Joe Pascale, USAW Level 2- Advanced Sports Performance Coach.

Watch for some upcoming weightlifting features.  Clean, jerk, snatch!  I’ve got the bug right now…

World Class Athlete: Bryce Saddoris

Wow.  Today, in North Carolina, I got to talk training with one of the baddest dudes on the planet.  Bryce Saddoris is a First Lieutenant in the USMC.  He’s also #3 on the USA Olympic Ladder for Greco Roman Wrestling.  Bryce was a two time D1 All-American wrestler at the US Naval academy as well, and holds the record for most wins in the history of the program.  Just this year he’s qualified for the CISM World Military Championships by placing 1st in the US Military Freestyle Wrestling Championships.  He has also qualified for the Greco Roman World Trials by placing 3rd in the US Open Greco-Roman National Championships.  Saddoris is a serious contender to make the US Olympic team for 2016.  He is definitely someone worth learning from when it comes to training.

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Best Gyms in the US: D1 Sports Training

While on my mission to find the best gyms, strength coaches, and athletes to feature on JoeToPro, I visited Savannah, Georgia.  There, I got  to spend a couple of weeks training at a facility called D1 (  Sporting several locations in the South East, D1 is a true sports performance gym.   The Savannah location is co-owned by Tim Tebow and Herschel Walker.  They have trained tons of professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and pro fight game.  Some of my favorites include Chipper Jones, Peyton Manning, Vernon Davis, and Jermain Taylor.  These guys know how to train.  Seriously.

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Vary Tempo for Better Results

Tempo in strength training is the intended time taken for the eccentric and concentric (up and down… or relaxed and contracted) portion of an exercise.  Here at JoeToPro, we’ve been talking a lot about tempo recently.  Everyone has their favorite method of training, and tends to train mostly with their favorite tempos… but is it better to lift with a fast, moderate, or slow tempo?  What effect does tempo really have on training?

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