What Stops People From Starting Now?

Napoleon Hill studied under the most successful men in the world. He learned from the minds and habits of titans like Henry Ford, to discover what makes a man successful. Hill’s wisdom is a credible source for those who wish to accomplish their goals.

So often, we use “waiting for the right time”, as an excuse to procrastinate. As a trainer, do you know how many times I’ve heard people tell me that they’d love to start training “as soon as…”, or “right after…”? It’s a lot. There always seems to be some obstacle that people are willing to let stop them. I’ll list a few of the most common excuses. Let’s see if you can relate:

“After the holidays”— Start before the holidays. Make healthier choices during the temptation of holiday gatherings, and save your New Years resolution for something new this year.

“When work calms down”— Life will always have stressors. Instead of giving in, start exercising now. Develop positive habits to cope with your stress more effectively, and prioritize your health. You can calm down, even if work doesn’t.

“When my back/knee/hip stops hurting”— There are definitely times where pain or injury should stop you from exercise. Your doctor can tell you when that is. Truthfully, though, fitness is going to help you reduce aches and pains 9/10 times. Inactivity hurts more than a healthy, active lifestyle. Learn to train properly, and use corrective exercise to build a pain free body.

When it comes to making healthy choices, working out, and eating right, “today” is always the best day to start. Don’t wait.