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Snatch Demo.

The snatch is a great exercise for developing SPEED.  You’ll also be working on power in your legs and core, body control, coordination, and more.

The explanation of the snatch given here is over-simplified.  You’ll need to learn this complex movement from a certified and experienced weightlifting coach before you try it on your own.  It could take weeks, or longer, to go through a progression of simpler exercises building up to executing a real snatch.

Olympic Weightlifting for Speed and Power

Olympic lifts are complex movements that include the snatch, clean, jerk, and all the variations thereof.  These lifts have been included in the world Olympic Games for decades, and there are widely available opportunities to compete in weightlifting as a competitive sport at any age, weight, or experience level.  Today, we’ll cover the benefits of adding these lifts to your own training programs for the purpose of gaining speed and power.  You’ll also develop greater body control and awareness, better coordination, and improved timing.

Slower lifts like squats and dead-lifts are great for developing muscular strength, and have their place in your programs, but don’t match Olympic lifts for development of explosive power.  The force production (most force in the shortest time) created in the clean and snatch have each been measured to be far greater than that of any traditional strength training exercise.  In short, Olympic lifting WILL make you faster and more powerful.

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