World Class Athlete: Bryce Saddoris

Wow.  Today, in North Carolina, I got to talk training with one of the baddest dudes on the planet.  Bryce Saddoris is a First Lieutenant in the USMC.  He’s also #3 on the USA Olympic Ladder for Greco Roman Wrestling.  Bryce was a two time D1 All-American wrestler at the US Naval academy as well, and holds the record for most wins in the history of the program.  Just this year he’s qualified for the CISM World Military Championships by placing 1st in the US Military Freestyle Wrestling Championships.  He has also qualified for the Greco Roman World Trials by placing 3rd in the US Open Greco-Roman National Championships.  Saddoris is a serious contender to make the US Olympic team for 2016.  He is definitely someone worth learning from when it comes to training.

Bryce and I compared notes, styles, and ideas about functional training.  He told me that his biggest weapons are self-control and moderation.  He doesn’t use extreme diets or crazy tricks to prepare for competitions, and he doesn’t binge or lose control when they’re over.  This is something we can all learn from, whether you’re a serious athlete or just looking to tone up.  Put the effort in every day in a sustainable way.

Bryce says, “… every day of training and eating right is a deposit in the bank.  Every time you mess up and skip a workout, or binge on junk food, is like taking a withdrawal from your account.  Try to consistently make deposits and build that account, without making withdrawals too often.”

That’s great advice from a world class athlete.  Take it to the bank.

Here’s a workout that Bryce uses when he’s getting ready for a tournament.  Try this interval circuit to build strength and endurance, while burning tons of fat at the same time!  This circuit is no joke.  It will probably kick your ass.  When you’re ready to quit, just remember:  you’re putting money in the bank.

Tabatta Style =  20 Seconds work/10 Seconds rest per set = *
Movement Sets
Superman Push-ups x8 *
Plank x8 *
1/2 Mile Run x1
Jump Rope x8 *
Side Hurdles x8 *
1/2 Mile Run x1
Power Jacks x8 *
Speed Squats x8 *
1/2 Milre Run x1
Jump Rope x8 *
Side Hurdles x8 *


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